Discover The Ancient Secret of Bridging Astrology and Herbalism

Learn how to take your understanding of plant medicine to the next level by integrating ancient astrological techniques with herbalism traditions east and west to reach new levels of health, vitality and spiritual development.

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In this FREE 3-part video series, you will learn:

  • How you can integrate these astrological tools into your practice of herbalism with precise diagnostics, plant classification, spagyric preparations, and holistic administration.
  • The importance of the plant-to-planet relationship and how these insights shed light on the true nature of herbal medicine.
  • How astrological influences affect your health through your physiology, psychology, emotions and their impact your specific constitution.
  • How to determine the astrological correspondences in plants through sensory observation, herbal actions, energetics, tastes, and organ affinities.
  • The ability to find your unique predispositions for organ weaknesses, potentials for illness, and how to effectively use herbs as a preventative measure to stay vital and healthy.

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The Tradition of Astrological Herbalism

From the east to the west, the north and the south, the link between the stars and plants goes back to the beginning of time. The integration of astrology and herbalism has been common practice for thousands of years in India, Tibet, and Western medical, esoteric, and magical traditions. It was standard practice in the Renaissance era for all physicians and herbalists to have an understanding of the stars to effectively practice their healing art.

The renowned astrologer and herbalist Nicholas Culpeper once said,"To such as study astrology, who are the only men I know that are fit to study physick (medicine), physick without astrology being like a lamp without oil." Paracelsus, the great alchemist, physician, and natural philosopher of the early 16th century also said, "Medicine rests upon four pillars - philosophy, astronomy, alchemy, and ethics." These words clearly express the integral relationship that astrology had in the role of medicine- one that is highly refined, effective and yet underutilized today.

In this modern world, we have the capacity to integrate the great traditions of the world into a new paradigm of herbalism- one that sees plants in relationship with the wholeness of life, one that enables you to use plants in a way that is profoundly healing and deeply transformational. This connection between plants and planets gives you the tools that allow you to do this, taking your herbal practice to the next level by applying astrology to the harvesting, preparation, classification, and administration of botanical remedies.

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